Saturday, September 29, 2007

Alive and Kicking

What's going on yall, haven't posted in quite some time now and just wanted everyone to know that I'm still here. Went to a party recently with the fam so those are the pictures that you see. I was supposed to go back to cali today for the Madden Challenge Tournament but had to stay and work because we are so close to finishing the model, but I will be back this upcoming week. Not much new with me just working and more working going on, I'm backed up and booked all the way until the end of december, at least I have work, that's a good thing I guess. Kinda of hard to have a life right now but I'm trying, I'm dating on and off a few different people, noting serious, but I'm not a player, just enjoying the company of new people, what can I say, I'm a social person. Well I'm out yall bout to head to the bars and try to relax a little.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


What it do yall, I've recently have come to certain realizations with the aid of some good friends, I've been spending my whole life chasing that which is not important. I've realized that my recent happiness is due to the people that surround me in my life and that would be my family and my true friends. In my early years I surround myself with people that only wanted me to be as miserable as them, my real friends were always proud of my success instead of spiteful and jealous. I know that I'm fortunate to have the people that I have around me now, who needs therapist when you have a good person to lean on, ain't that right Zhuan ; ) . Any ways just thought I would rant, I'm looking for a plane ticket to Boston right now, hopefully I can find something within reason, I saw some going for $1700! Man I've been working so hard and not relaxing that my hair has turned white, hahaha, I guess that's what I'll look like in 30, no make that 50 years. If my time in Atlanta taught me anything, it was to enjoy myself and the people that I care about. I'll see all you guys sooner than you think, take care and thanks for being a real friend and family. I felt like getting old skool with that youtube joint.

~How does one weigh success?~

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What's new?

What's up yall, haven't posted on a regular because I've just been so busy, I'm still between Oakland and Seattle, and whenever I'm back home I'm just working on my own projects. I've got so much going on right now that I'm just waiting until I can get a real day off to just sleep all day, so far when I do get free time I'm either fishing or running the lake, I can now do 3.5 miles in 26 minutes without stopping. It seems like it never stops, on the bright side I'm doing really well and happy with how my life is going. Hey at least I cleaned up nicely since the last picture, haha. Things seem so different the more time passes, one year my life is one way and the next it's all upside down. Yup life is full of surprises.

~It is never too late to be what you might have been~ GEORGE ELIOT

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Journey Continues

Hey yall here's a link to the house that I worked on,2|st=WA|premier=|sss=|ar=|cou=|cit=seattle|minPrice=|maxPrice=|br=|bth=|minSqft=|maxSqft=|water=|ybtMin=|ybtMax=|hsn=3227|stor=|vew=|daysback=|NC=|ls=|address=|ln=|sub=|zip=|searchAgentMetauser_ID=|showPhotos=1|extentNorth=|extentSouth=|extentEast=|extentWest=|zoomLevel=|mapCenterX=|mapCenterY=|mapExtentBorder=|mapExtentLeft=|mapExtentRight=|mapExtentTop=|mapExtentBottom=|listingAction=|mapExtentLeftDefault=|mapExtentRightDefault=|mapExtentTopDefault=|mapExtentBottomDefault=|agencyID=|amenities=0|sftype=Listing.SearchPropertyAddress|mapHeight=428|mapWidth=320|sortOrder=1|searchMLS=

it's long I know, but check it out. So what's new with me? I'm back and forth between Oakland and Seattle like every other week, we start work on a 8 unit apartment condo conversion soon, but since I've been back in the bay I've been working on my friends houses. It's like I can't get any free time to relax, but hey I love to work. Went out the other night to a bar in San Francisco and got my car broken into, the f*cking dope head stole my phone and car charger, WTF who breaks a window to steal a car charger, if I had something of value to steal in the car I wouldn't be upset but damn I got to buy a new window for a $15 dollar car charger?! Hopefully I'm going to Boston soon, I miss everyone over there, but I've been so busy as of late that I don't know when free time is available. That pic of me is when I'm in working mode, no time to shave, just work 16 hours and sleep, haha. Later yall hope to see all you guys soon.

~As time passes real friends stand out while fake ones weed themselves out~

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's been a while

Man, I haven't posted in a while. I've been so busy with a lot of things, so where to start, I quit my job at Verizon Wireless in the middle of May, I'm currently living in Seattle Washington. "What are you doing in Seattle" you say, well good question, I have to wait on a place for lease to open my store, it seems renovations are still being done, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to help my brother out and move to Seattle for the time being. In Seattle I am helping my brother with renovating a single family home, I'm learning so much but working so hard, so far I've worked for 3 weeks straight with no days off and a minimum of 12 hour days sometimes up to 16. The good in all of this is that I get to spend more time with my brother but, also I'm learning how to fix a house from top to bottom and front to back, there is nothing in the house that I haven't touched from the basement to the attic, and the front lawn to the backyard, hopefully I can upload some pictures when it's done to show you guys what I've helped build. What a busy month, and the upcoming months will be even busier! I can't wait, I feel my time coming around the corner!

~ Great men know that they are great because of the company they keep not because they are great. ~

Friday, March 23, 2007

So Far So Good

Haven't posted in a while, so much has happened since then. I turned 27 and lunar new years pasted. Didn't do much for my birthday, I just tried to stay low key. For tet I went to the temple and spent time with my family and close friends, I also passed out a lot of envelopes, which hit my pockets hard, haha. This past weekend I took a trip to LA to visit westminster, I've always wanted to visit Phuc Loc To, man all I can say is the vietnamese people out there make me proud, the is doing their thing out there. I've finally come up with a name for my store " GT Mobile" or "Global-Tech Mobile" I actually got that name from a dream that I had, is that a good sign or bad one...hhhhmmmm. On the way home from LA we stopped at a Lake Pyramid, my cousin Becky would of loved this place it was so peaceful and beautiful, hopefully she comes down here to visit me, I miss my nature partner. While I was in LA I visited the temple to show respect, and it was kinda of funny because they had like 15 other statues literally that I didn't know who they were, haha, my friends had no idea who they were too but we still lit incense for them to pay our respects. If you can't make out that first picture that's the hollywood sign with a ton of smog covering it, LA=HELL SMOG.

~The journey thru life is a bumper one with a lot of twists, u-turns, and illegal parking~

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Star Studded

This past sunday I went to celebrate the one year anniversary of a bar that my friends know the owner, anyways he had a few vietnamese singers like Linda Trang Dai, Trish Thuy Trang and Shayla to name a few. It was pretty cool, because their performance was in an intimate setting, the bar probably had about 50 people. We had a lot of fun and just relaxed and chilled, unfortunately I didn't get an opportunity to talk to Trish because right after her performance she left immediately for the airport, my friend drove her to the airport and asked me to ride along but I just wanted to chill. I ended up getting pretty drunk so we went home early and I just slept it off.

~Memories can only fade if you let them~